Dr. Segelnick and Dr. Mantzikos are always concerned about their patients after treatment. 

They are always available, and can be reached in cases of emergency  at 917-964-3132 or 917-833-0295.

For your convenience we have provided copies of the most common post operative instructions below:

Instructions following periodontal surgery

1.    Do NOT rinse today. AVOID extremely hot and cold foods and liquids.

2.    The dressing over the treated area is for your protection. Leave it in
place. Do not be concerned if small pieces of the dressing come off.
the dressing comes off AND the exposed gum surface is
sensitive then call the office. Return for a follow up exam as
indicated, probably within a week or two to remove the dressing and the

3.    Mild discomfort can be controlled with two Tylenol (or similar tablets) every
3 to 4 hours. Aspirin should NOT be used unless directed. If a
had been prescribed, take only when necessary. If an
ANTIBIOTIC has been prescribed, take ALL the medication to help
prevent infection.