Brooklyn Dentist Helps ID Victims of Hurricane Katrina
By Stephen Witt


Sheepshead Bay periodontist, Dr. Stuart Segelnick, DDS, pictured in Gulfport. Mississippi. Segelnick recently spent two weeks in the town helping identify victims of Hurricane Katrina.
It’s a long way from Sheepshead Bay to those needing emergency help along the Hurricane Katrina ravaged coast of Mississippi, but one local dentist did just that.

Dr. Stuart Segelnick, a periodontist specializing in gum treatments and implants, spent two weeks in the flattened coastal town of Gulfport, where he was charged with the gruesome task of helping identify the dead through their dental records.

“When I was there, we processed over 150 remains, and it was very sad because they were very decomposed from the weather,” recalled Segelnick. “The saddest thing was taking the X-ra