2011 President’s Message


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Dear Colleagues:



It is with great pleasure that I welcome you the Second District Dental Society website. On this site you will find the names of our elected officials and trustees, as well as those of the SDDS members who serve on our standing committees. These volunteers work selflessly and steadfastly to ensure the continuity of our society. This year’s truly amazing lineup of lecturers and spectacular continuing education schedule was made possible by our continuing education team, comprised of Dr. William Bongiorno, Chair of the Continuing Education Committee; Dr. Mitchell Mindlin, Chair of the Friday Morning Seminars Committee; and Dr. Sari Rosenwein, Chair of the Program Committee. I cannot thank them enough. We are also fortunate to have a capable Executive Director in Mr. Bernard Hackett and his superlative support team: Ms. Shayo Farinre, Continuing Education Coordinator and Ms. Veronica Molina, Membership Coordinator. Their dedication to this program’s success and the SDDS is immeasurable.


Imagine how each of us would be practicing today if we didn’t have continuing education. Would we be performing the exact same procedures we learned in dental school throughout our careers? Many of us might still be placing gold foils and copper bands (not to say that there is anything wrong with doing so),