Periodontal services in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay periodontist

Sheepshead Bay periodontist

If you are having gum problems it is important that you visit us at Advanced Periodontal Services, PC. Our Sheepshead Bay periodontist, Dr. Stuart Selgenick or Dr. Katherine Mantzikos, will be able to provide you with expert periodontal care.

If you are experiencing gum problems, this can not only affect the health of your teeth, but it can also affect the health of your entire body. When patients have gum disease, the jawbone can be weakened and teeth can begin to loosen and may even fall out. Additionally, when there is infection in the mouth caused by gum disease, the infection can travel through the bloodstream and cause additional serious medical problems. Since gum disease will never get better by itself, it is very important that you come in to see our Sheepshead Bay periodontist for complete gum care. We offer many different services at our periodontal practice. If you are looking for a second opinion, we are always happy to provide that for patients. Additionally, we can give you a detailed examination of your gums and explain your condition to you and which treatment will be most helpful. Patients can also get instruction on how to keep their teeth clean, which is of primary importance in preventing gum disease. We also offer nutritional counseling and occlusal therapy. If you have mild to moderate gum disease you will benefit from a scaling and root planing treatment, which is actually a deep cleaning of your gums. This will help to close up any deep pockets which have formed. There is also local and systemic antibiotic therapy to help patients who have infection caused by gum disease. We provide different types of gum surgery including osseous surgery and flap surgery too. If you need bone grafting so that you can get dental implants we provide this, as well. Other offerings include sinus lift therapy, crown lengthening, root amputation, and other periodontal treatments. And there are dental implants for patients who need to have missing teeth replaced.

For an appointment to see our Sheepshead Bay periodontist for treatment, contact us today.

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