Dental Implants in Brighton Beach

Implant Dentist in Brighton Beach

Implant Dentist in Brighton Beach

The process of getting dental implants is simple, but does take a few months from consultation to completion. At Advanced Periodontal Services, PC, you can take advantage of the specialized skills of our implant dentist in Brighton Beach for a comfortable and successful outcome.

First you will come in to our office for a consultation. Not everyone is a good candidate for implants; at least not right away. What is most important is that your gums are in good health and that your jaw bone is strong and thick enough to support the implant. If it is not, bone grafting can be done to correct it. Gums that are not in a sufficient state of well-being can also be treated to meet the necessary standard. Once you are pronounced as eligible to proceed, our implant dentist in Brighton Beach performs the surgery to place the titanium post in your jaw. It acts as a replacement for the root your real tooth used to have. You will then wait for the next three months while healing takes place. At the same time, your jaw bone will grow around the post and fuse with it. You will then be referred by our implant dentist in Brighton Beach back to your primary dentist so that you can get the next two parts of the final product done. That refers to the abutment used to help stabilize the tooth, and the tooth itself, for which you will have impressions taken. When it’s ready, your dentist will cement the tooth to the post. You then have a long lasting tooth replacement; one which can last a lifetime with proper care.

There’s every reason to feel positive about dental implants and their benefits. Why waste a single moment? Contact us right now to arrange a consultation.

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