There are two different ways we can lift the maxillary sinus in order to place graft material within the sinus, which then allows for the placement of dental implants.

The most common method is an “Internal Sinus Lift” and is usually assisted by special instruments called osteotomes. These instruments allow for the lifting of the sinus and aid in the placement of the bone graft material. The sinus lift is then followed by the immediate placement of the implant.

Alternatively, a “Lateral Window Sinus Lift”, is performed when there is the need for a larger volume of graft material, most often for the replacement of multiple teeth in the posterior maxilla. This sinus lift is done from the side of the jaw and requires approximately nine months of healing before the implants can be placed. A CBCT (Dental Cat Scan) is required before the procedure.  We will also evaluate the need for referral to an ENT specialist if sinus problems are present.

After surgery we will send any necessary prescriptions for antibiotics and/or pain medication directly to your pharmacy electronically. You will be seen for a follow up visit 1 week later to check on your healing and to remove stitches. Additional follow up visits will be necessary to continue to monitor your healing.

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