Gum Grafting in Brighton Beach

Periodontal Specialist Brighton Beach

Periodontal Specialist Brighton Beach

Gum grafting is the best way for a patient to have ample gum in order to place an implant. Dental implants are an easy and revolutionary way to once again have a permanent tooth in place of a missing tooth. Implants are highly durable titanium posts that are surgically implanted directly into the gum so that an artificial cap can be placed over it. At Advanced Periodontal Services, PC, our periodontal specialist Brighton Beach can perform gum grafts for patients seeking implants.

Tooth loss is irreversible, but with implants, patients can once again have a new tooth that allows them to chew, eat and talk better. If there is not enough bone for the implant, we will perform a bone graft for eligible patients. The bone graft takes bone from a donor site and places it onto the jawbone and allows it to fuse in a biocompatible procedure. Once the bone graft is completed, the implant can be put in by our periodontal specialist Brighton Beach and then given a healing period of 2 to 3 months. During this phase the patient will need to eat soft foods so that they can give the implant site time to heal.

Dental implants are done in our offices where our dentist surgically places the implant into the jawbone. After your gum grafting and implants are completed, we may ask you to come in periodically to have the implant site checked and to make sure everything is healing. For the best in tooth restoration, general and cosmetic dentistry and more, call Advanced Periodontal Services PC today. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable dentists can answer questions and help you stay on track with your dental health so that you can have healthy, fresh and clean teeth for the rest of your years to come.

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