Implants in Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach periodontist

Brighton Beach periodontist

Missing teeth can cause problems with chewing, eating, talking. Gaps in teeth can cause bone deterioration as well. At Advanced Periodontal Services, PC, patients can use implants to have a full set once again. Our Brighton Beach periodontist uses implants to create a stable anchor and can then give you an artificial tooth placed over it that matches the rest of your teeth.

Implants are small posts made from a strong titanium material. Once implanted, implants are actually stronger than the natural root of a tooth. After the procedure, the implant is covered with a denture or cap. After an implant procedure the tooth never needs a root canal or filling again. Implant surgery also helps maintain the shape of the jaw line and can greatly improve facial aesthetics. Our Brighton Beach periodontist can recommend specific implant placement after taking a look at your teeth and the layout of your mouth. Patients should be free of gum disease and other dental ailments that can affect the healing of the implant. The implant may fail if the mouth is not healthy enough to support the implants.

To be a candidate for dental implants, patients must reach be eligible for the implant and meet a few different criteria to be a candidate. First, there needs to be enough bone and gum to support the implants. If not, a bone graft may be an option. Bone grafts take bone from a donor site such as the patient’s thigh bone or tibia and are grafted onto the existing jawbone. They are given a healing period so that the bone can fuse with the patient’s jawbone. Implants are a great way to once again have a full set of teeth so you can eat and chew normally again. For more information, call our Brighton Beach periodontist.

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